How we build and operate the Keboola data platform
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Ondřej Popelka 7 min read

Automating Self Hosted Pipelines — Part 1

Building an Azure Devops pipeline to build an Azure Devops pipeline.

Ondřej Hlaváček 6 min read

Best Practices for Azure DevOps (Release) Pipelines

As a part of our Azure adoption, we're also trying out Azure DevOps. Our current CI/ CD pipelines run almost exclusively on Travis CI. We…

Ondřej Popelka 5 min read

Kubernetes Pre-Stop Hook Reflections

I have an application which runs as a Kubernetes job. The application is implemented as PHP Symfony console command, which is specified in…

Vojta Tuma 9 min read

Hodil by se nám další buddy do party

Napsat zajímavej pracovní inzerát v dnešní době je docela složitý, a proto jsme se rozhodli, že ho prostě psát nebudeme. Místo toho…

Ondřej Hlaváček 4 min read

Keboola Connection Going Azure

Back in April last year, we made the business decision to make Keboola Connection available on Azure too (no, we're not quitting AWS). The…