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Azure Kubernetes AAD Pod Identity Ondřej Hlaváček 6 min read

Eliminating Performance Issues with Azure AAD Pod Identity Using the Managed Mode

In this post, I would like to share with you why you should and how you can switch from the standard mode to the managed mode of AAD Pod Identity and how to do so without disrupting the service.

Frontend Jakub Kotek 2 min read

How We Upgraded to Webpack 5

We happily used Webpack 4 for a while and it worked great. But Webpack 5 promised a gain in speed and we wanted it.

Ondřej Hlaváček 3 min read

Building a PHP 7.4.21 Docker image with support for GDB debugger

When your process gets stuck somewhere, but you have no idea where, or if it segfaults, xdebug may not help. I had a process stuck in a…

Ondřej Popelka 8 min read

MySQL + SSL + Doctrine

Enabling and enforcing SSL connection on MySQL is easy: Just generate the certificates and configure the server to require secure…

Ondřej Popelka 8 min read

Automating Self Hosted Pipelines — Part 2

Building an Azure Devops pipeline to build an Azure Devops pipeline.